Helen Kim


Richard Hsu

Helen Kim and Richard Hsu

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Our Story

Helen and Richard met on September 27, 2010 at a happy hour event. They barely exchanged words that evening as they were sitting at opposite ends of the table, however, thanks to the advent of Facebook, they became “friends” almost instantaneously the following day.

Richard claimed it was love at first sight. Helen said you’re friend-zoned for life.

Through the eight years of friendship, they managed to share in so much… foodie festivals; beer, wine, and whiskey tastings (not all at the same time, sometimes at the same time); travel; and deep and meaningful conversations about work, life, problems, and everything in between. Nonetheless, Helen remained firm and unwavering in her position that he was just a really good friend.

It took Richard eight years for Helen to agree to a first date, but it proved that persistence and determination could pay off in the end… he was the Little Engine that Could.

Life takes you to unexpected places...!

Nine years later, on the same day they became “friends”, they will be starting the next phase of their lives together and celebrating this special occasion with loved ones in September!

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